Lorenzo Diggins Jr.


We are so often asked to define the work that we do. Sometimes, we are forced to stuff that work into titles that don’t always quite fit, when the bare bones of it all is that we are simply, makers and doers. 

So when you ask me what I do, I’ll try and keep it simple.

I consider myself an interdisciplinary creative engaging mediums such as design, brand and product development, art direction, photography, and illustration. In this way, my work is not confined to a singular expression, but manifests through the varying mediums that move me. The common thread weaved throughout, is a deep value in fostering connection among people.

Through my former lifestyle brand The Essential Man, my most recent work as a photographer, and my passion projects such as The Simple Things Project and The 21 Day Project,  I have created a world in which my work exists as a form of my own artistic outpouring, and where an acquired skill set has put me in a position to support other artists in their creative endeavors. I built The Essential Man from the ground up, designing and producing my own goods domestically. I gained valuable knowledge through years of trial and error as an entrepreneur. Through my company colour bloc creativ, I now have the privilege to share my expertise as a creative strategist and  support individuals and companies in bringing their own visions to life.

Portrait by:   NikkRich

Portrait by: NikkRich

I will continue to refine my craft and explore other ways in which art can manifest. Those that consume and experience my work will remain at the center of my work. As my intuition continues to guide my creative process and movement, my “gut” will remain my compass. It has yet to steer me wrong. 

Simple as that.

Portrait by:  NikkRich

Portrait by: NikkRich


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  • Flowerboy Project
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