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TEM Farewell

For the last 2 years I had been flirting with the idea of closing The Essential Man but I could never fully settle on the thought of it no longer existing in my world; it wasn’t until recently that I found closure and peace in the thought of never creating another TEM. piece again. When I first shared this news (via Instagram) - many people responded with a “why” and my initial answer was “my heart isn’t in it anymore” but  then I had a more cerebral discovery which was the understanding “that some things simply aren’t meant to last forever and it’s more about what you gained from the experience than the length of the experience.” 


Keeping that all in mind allowed me to find great peace in my decision of finally disolving the company this past October. Since I had 2.5 full containers of TEM. goods remaining and I wanted to give them a proper send off - I had a “farewell sale” at the amazing Marikoko shop in Leimert Park and I invited everyone out to come have a cold brew (coffee) and donuts with me one last time. Here’s a few highlights from that weekend. Every time I look back at these images my heart becomes filled with gratitude. Thank you everyone for your continuous support - please know I am extremely appreciative. 

Day 2

A special thank you to Filly for capturing all of these moments!


If you weren't able to make it out to the sale, don't worry - I made the remainder of inventory available here and I kept the promo pricing. Enjoy.

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