Lorenzo Diggins Jr.


"That Day, I was the Fastest Boy in the World: Volume 2"

I produced and self-published my first zine in 2015 and through that experience, I discovered a new love and appreciation for the book making process. It was something about seeing my work in the tangible form of a book that provided a different type of excitement that I hadn’t experience before; that feeling is what I believe sparked my desire to want to become an art book publisher. 

Last year right after I declared that I wanted to start publishing books, I had an serendipitous encounter with Rook Campbell, who happened to be fond of the illustrations from my “Simple Things” zine and she expressed an interest in me helping create the illustrations for a book idea she had. Long story short, not only did I help her bring her ideas to life through illustration - Rook also became my first “publishing” client. With that being said, I’m pleased to say that I just concluded Volume 2 from her That Day, I was the Fastest Boy in the World series which can be purchased here.

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