Lorenzo Diggins Jr.


Better from here

First and foremost - thank you for visiting my site. This happens to be my first journal entry and I have absolutely no clue what to write. It’s been a really long time since I’ve (personally) blogged and I kinda forgot how this whole thing works.

So ummmmm, yeah - I’m a designer, I love Mexican Coke (preferably with 5 tacos from El Chato Taco Truck), I enjoy long walks through the aisles of Target, and before this turns into a match.com bio - let's just say, things will get better from here.

Until then, enjoy the latest project from one of my current favorite artist, Anderson .Paak. Disclaimer: When you get to #9, make sure you have enough room to dance - the beat and melody will take full control of your body.

Peace and love.

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